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In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we will be taking an EXTRA CLOSE look this month at the media and advocacy surrounding untested rape kits. We believe it’s important to fact-check the “backlog” because the chronic failure of police to investigate rape should be examined openly and honestly.

We’re kicking off the month with our original primer on the rape kit “backlog” myth, which you can read here.

People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws is a program of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center to monitor law enforcement responses to sexual violence.  Our goal is to end the law enforcement and political practices that effectively decriminalize sexual violence.   To this end, we connect victims with information about their rights and equip individuals with tools to advocate for themselves and others and advocate for fair criminal justice policies.  We urge you to learn more about America’s hidden rape crisis, where it has been exposed, and why it matters.  We invite you to take action and support our efforts to make sure law enforcement takes rape seriously.  

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