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Retired sex crimes detective says Memphis neglected rape cases

City officials have said many of the untested kits involve older cases from an era before investigators realized the potential of DNA testing. Yet Wilkerson’s testimony provides what might be a watershed moment in the controversy: He says the problem persisted well after DNA testing became standard practice.

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Memphis gun violence is the target of new ‘Fed Up’ campaign

Meaghan Ybos, who founded rape victim advocacy group People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws, said she sees the Fed Up campaign as a continuation of a law enforcement culture more interested in glitzy public relations and prosecutions that “don’t equate to safer communities.”

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Survival Guide for Sexual Violence in Memphis

Our new survival guide is here. You can pick up copies from our office at 3573 Southern Ave. Also, you may print them yourself from the electronic file. As always, we provide these materials free of charge. To help us offset printing costs, please click here....

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On the Record: Heather Marlowe, Playwright

By Victoria Garber Source: The Oberlin Review May 5, 2017 Playwright, actor and activist Heather Marlowe graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2009 with a degree in art history before moving to San Francisco, where she dedicated much of her time...

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People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws is a program of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center to monitor law enforcement responses to sexual violence.  Our goal is to end the law enforcement and political practices that effectively decriminalize sexual violence.   To this end, we connect victims with information about their rights and equip individuals with tools to advocate for themselves and others and advocate for fair criminal justice policies.  We urge you to learn more about America’s hidden rape crisis, where it has been exposed, and why it matters.  We invite you to take action and support our efforts to make sure law enforcement takes rape seriously.