San Francisco & Bay Area Resources


24-hour Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline via Bay Area Women Against Rape | 510-845-7273

Crisis Centers

  • Bay Area Women Against Rape | 510-430-1298 | Website
  • San Francisco Women Against Rape | 415-861-2024 | Website

Medical Attention

  • 24-hour Highland Hospital Sexual Assault Center (Alameda County) | 510-534-9290 or 510-534-9291
  • 24-hour Rape Treatment Center, San Francisco General Hospital | 415-437-3000 | Website
  • Planned Parenthood | 925-676-0505 | Website

Victims’ Services and Compensation*

  • San Francisco | 415-553-9044 | Website
  • Alameda County (Oakland and Berkeley) | 510-272-5044 | Website

If you believe your crime report and/or investigation was mishandled, you can take action by filing a citizens’ complaint.  You may also consider seeking legal representation.

File a citizens’ complaint

A more comprehensive resource guide can be found here.

*Note: Police report must be filed in order to be eligible. 

People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws is a program of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center to monitor law enforcement responses to sexual violence, develop peer advocacy, and organize for criminal justice reform. We urge you to learn more about America’s hidden rape crisis, where it has been exposed, and why it matters. We invite you to take action and support our efforts to make sure law enforcement takes rape seriously.