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This week, we were honored to lecture the staff at CHOICES – Memphis Center for Reproductive Health about trauma-informed healthcare.

We know that most people who experience sexual violence do not report to police.  Therefore, any intervention that relies on law enforcement will reach only a small fraction of victims.  But the victims who do not report still need counseling and advocacy!

One way to reach a high number of people in need is through healthcare services.  By making a few key changes in the delivery of service, healthcare providers can drastically improve the outcomes of their patients who have experienced sexual violence.  Moreover, delivering trauma-informed care can increase the likelihood that survivors of sexual violence will access medical care in the future.

We predict that all healthcare will be trauma-informed in the future.  But right now, it is still a new concept to the Memphis community.   We are excited for CHOICES to lead the way in trauma-informed care.

For more information about the benefits of trauma-informed healthcare, click here.

People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws is a program of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center to monitor law enforcement responses to sexual violence.  Our goal is to end the law enforcement and political practices that effectively decriminalize sexual violence.   To this end, we connect victims with information about their rights and equip individuals with tools to advocate for themselves and others and advocate for fair criminal justice policies.  We urge you to learn more about America’s hidden rape crisis, where it has been exposed, and why it matters.  We invite you to take action and support our efforts to make sure law enforcement takes rape seriously.  

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